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A SQL DBA tries NoSQL – Part 3 – Redis (Key-Value)

The purpose of this exercise is to get a little familiarity with a range of NoSQL technologies. See my learning plan for some context. Redis seems to be the current prevailing key-value technology. I thought I would have to download and install redis to play with it, but there is a great interactive tutorial on the… Read More »

A SQL DBA tries NoSQL – Part 2 – The Basics

“Key-Value”, “Document”, “Wide Column”, “Graph”, “Search” – these are the terms used to categorize a very long list of technology offerings under the heading of NoSQL. I think if I was shown a diagrammatic representation of data for each, and was offered a million dollars to label them correctly – I could do it. But… Read More »

A SQL DBA tries NoSQL – Part 1 – A Learning Plan

I’m a relational DBA looking to get a grasp of some of the NoSQL database technologies knocking about. There are so many implementations that it’s hard to know where to start. MongoDB or Neo4J or Cassandra? I don’t want to fall down the rabbit hole of of one particular technology only to find that it’s solely used… Read More »