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eBay Selling: “Tracked” and “Signed For” Delivery

It’s easy to get confused between the different ways that postal delivery is described by your chosen delivery service, by eBay and also by PayPal. But it’s important to know what you are offering your buyer, as there are crucial differences in what protection you may have if the buyer is seeking a refund. Tracked… Read More »

eBay Selling – “Item Not Received” Fraud

The “Item Not Received” scenario occurs when the buyer claims they never received the goods. They either request a refund or the seller will send a replacement item. The benefit of fraud for the buyer is that they get the goods and their money back (i.e. they’ve got the item for free), or they get… Read More »

Email Spoofing – why it’s still around and how to spot it

In the previous post, we discussed one mechanism for authenticating the sender of emails. As spoofing is still a wide-spread problem, why hasn’t SPF solved the problem? Let’s look again at Email Headers, a standard set of information that is transferred with every email.   In the usual display of most email clients, we see a… Read More »

Email Spoofing – faking the Sender

The previous blog post explained how the scam of fake PayPal notifications played out from the point of view of the victim, the Seller of goods on a online marketplace. The seller receives an email, which is faked as “sent” from a legitimate looking address such as “”. This is the email header of a… Read More »

eBay Selling and Fake PayPal Notification – How It Works

The Scam Payment notification fraud takes place when the Seller of an item receives an email falsely stating that the buyer has paid for the item. The email is faked to look as if it comes from PayPal or the Online Marketplace (e.g. eBay or Amazon). The sender will look official (e.g., and the email… Read More »

Fake PayPal Notification – how not to label this scam

Surfing the web for info on eBay fraud, I stopped to read an article posted by the Daily Mirror, the online site of a British tabloid newspaper. It describes four scams perpetrated on eBay sellers, the first one headlined as “Send it to Nigeria“. So we’ve got a catchy easy-to-remember title for this class of… Read More »